breaking the hush

about me,  andrea


My name is Andrea.  Shawn has two older sisters, and I am the youngest.  This is not my website, I am simply the facilitator.  On Tuesday, October 28, 2008, it was not only Shawn's life that was changed forever.  My family got the greatest shaking that we had ever recieved.  We learned, really fast, who we could and could not trust.  We learned who our real friends were, and who just wanted the "gossip."  Most importantly, we have learned how good our God is.  Everything you read on these pages has been written by Shawn.  These are his feelings, his thoughts, his desires, his lessons learned, this is his story.  Someone asked me the other day, "what if you aren't ready, what if your family isn't ready for the whole world to know about this?"  My reply, "Well, it's Shawn's story to tell.  This is his testimony of grace, redemption, restoration.  So, ready or not, this is HIS story."

There will be many stories that will come out of this.  Many souls will be saved, and many books written, but it starts with Shawn telling his.  This website is our best attempt to begin the telling of his story.  A story filled with God's grace, His mercy, His favor, His blessing, His redemption, and most of all His unconditional, undying love for Shawn, for our family, and for you. 

This story is not, by any means over, some would say it is just beginning.  We have yet to see some of God's promises fulfilled.  We have yet to understand what God is doing, and why we are walking down this path.  However, this is the story that God is writing for us, so it is our prayer that we live it the best that we can for His glory.

It is a daily struggle.  I constantly have to remind myself to breathe.  I still struggle with anger, hatred, fear of the unknown, rejection, judgements, the innate need to protect my brother (his name) at all costs. 

So, even though I am the one facilitating this website, it is soley Shawn's.  This is the beginning, of what will one day, be his book.  Like I mentioned earlier, we all have a story to tell--how this choice has affected us, but right now, this is Shawn's story. 

Hoping I do it justice,